Our history

A high-street firm in the West End of London, Moss Beachley Mullem & Coleman has been serving the local community for over 40 years.

Previous founding partners of our firm were appointed Judges.  Ron Moss left the firm in 1984 to become a District Judge at the Magistrates Court.  He was later appointed a Crown Court Judge.  Margot Coleman was also appointed a District Judge.

We began as a general practice with a heavy emphasis on Legal Aid.  The commitment to publicly funded work remains strong, though the focus is now on two main areas of law, housing and family.

a)   Family Law

Family Law includes domestic violence cases.  We offer free advice on domestic violence at weekly clinics at local police stations.   Emergency injunctions to protect the victims of such abuse and the children caught up in it can be obtained in hours.  We also act in child care cases where the local council is involved.  We may advise and represent the child, the guardian, the parents or other relatives.  One of our Family Law experts is a nationally elected Law Society council representative for child care law, and also serves on the Family, Children and Access to Justice Committees.  She is experienced in matters of adoption, forced marriage and international child abduction.  Much of the advocacy in court is done in-house as a further reassurance to the client.

b)  Housing Law

In Housing Law we usually act for the tenant, often protecting their rights against landlords who may have locked them out, or begun harassing them in other ways.  We intervene in disputes arising from the exact nature of the client’s tenancy. In homelessness cases, we argue the client’s case against local authorities who deny that they have a duty to provide suitable accommodation.  Our Housing Law experts have years of experience and a good track record in winning for our clients.

Within the practice there is also a great deal of expertise in the areas of Commercial and Residential Property, Company Law and Wills and Probate.  Your house purchase or your probate will be handled professionally and at very competitive rates.

Our Solicitors are

Ms Denise Lester  Qualified solicitor – Family
Alan Mullem  Qualified Solicitor – Family,  Housing and General Litigation, Wills, Probate, Conveyancing and Company work

Legal Aid

Legal aid is means- based. If your income & savings or assets don’t reach certain limits then you may be entitled to legal advice & representation, paid for in whole or in part by the Legal Aid Agency.  Please contact us for further information or to see if we can assist.


Words from clients

  • Thank you Denise so much for your help when it was most needed.You deserve very special appreciation, your extreme professionalism and knowledge of the legal system have made possible for me to have a peaceful home for the next three months.

  • It's been a traumatic time but a v good result in the end. I was in a rather dreadful state on Monday but am settling into my new place now and have decided that I really love it and that Clapham is great! Thanks for seeing me through this difficult time, for your professionalism, patience and kindness.

    MelodieMelodie Hyams, Communications Officer
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