The laws governing the inheritance of property and the various tax thresholds have changed, and recent court cases have reinforced the importance of making a will.  Our team can draft a will that ensures that your wishes will be carried out, giving peace of mind to your family.  It is vitally important that everyone makes a will.

When someone dies, you will need to get the legal right to deal with their estate – their property, money and possessions.  Depending on their circumstances, the estate can be complicated and the assistance of an experienced professional can be invaluable in sorting everything out.  We can deal with everything, from applying for the grant of probate to settling any inheritance tax that may be due.

Probate Price Structure

1. Total Cost The costs depends on the size and complexity of estate.  We have dealt with estates from £200,000 to £10m plus.  Prices range from £750 plus VAT to £2500 with the average cost being £1700 plus VAT.  Prices will be given upon applicant to  when the extent of the estate is ascertained.


2. The basis of your charges Charging is of an hourly rate of £250 to £280 per hour plus VAT plus disbursements.  This depends inter alia on the complexity of the case whether Inheritance tax advice is needed.  There is a minimum fee in the sum of £750 plus VAT plus disbursements.


3. Likely disbursements  Currently the probate fee is £155 but there is talk the government will be changing that to be calculated on the gross value of the estate.  Inheritance Tax is another payment. You can calculate that by going on the HMRC website.


4. What services are included Applying for Grant of Probate, preparing documents, dealing with the Capital Tax office, preparation of estate accounts, and distribution of legacy.


5. Services not included Certain probate cases result in contentious matters i.e. litigation.  These normally occur when either another beneficiary or someone who is not a beneficiary makes a claim under the Inheritance Provision for Family and Dependents Act 1975.  This contentious matter is costed at an hourly rate of £270-290 per hour plus VAT plus disbursements.


6. Typical timescale It is impossible to predict how long an estate will take.  The simpler the estate the quicker a grant is obtained.  Clearly in a complex estate it takes far longer to deal with all the assets and get all the assets in but regular reports are provided to the client.


7. Experience and Qualifications of persons carrying out the work Alan Mullem Direction qualified as a solicitor in 1982 and has a great deal of experience in property and probate matters.  He also deals with Lasting Powers of Attorney Property and Affairs, Lasting Powers of Attorney Health and Welfare and dealing with contentious probate disputes and also dealing with Court of Protection matters.  He further advises and deals in cases involving the Inheritance Provision and Family Dependents Act.  He also deals with questions arising from intestacy applications and applying for letters of administration.


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