Homelessness can be caused by unlawful eviction, mortgage repossession due to arrears or disputes with a landlord, either private or council, involving possession for rent arrears or a breach of the terms of the lease.  If you are in difficulty with any of the above, we can assist in emergency advice and applications to the Court for injunctions or other orders.  We can obtain these in a matter of hours to give our clients a breathing space before we sort out the underlying problem.

With years of experience in this field, we have helped to establish several important changes in the law relating to emergency temporary and permanent rehousing.  We make applications to local councils for our clients to obtain rehousing, and appeals to the County Court if it is refused incorrectly.

Landlord and Tenant disputes, whether they relate to service charges, security of tenure or breaches of responsibility are stressful and time-consuming.  Our housing law experts are used to resolving these sorts of problems for our clients, whether the landlord is private, public or a housing association.  We also undertake claims and counter claims on behalf of tenants living in conditions of housing disrepair where properties are affected by damp, lack of proper services and maintenance.

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